Fun Ways to Move: Adelaide

August 4, 2016

Sometimes you just get in a fitness slump. Your usual routine of running on that treadmill gets old and you get sick of bicep curling the same dumbbell. We get it! But there are ways to get out of it and sometimes all it takes is trying something new and finding exciting ways to move your body. We have put together a list of fun and new ways to get you moving:


Get Bouncing

We have recently discovered the awesomeness of bouncing… on trampolines that is. Every Thursday night we get out our bounce approved grip-y socks and happily bounce, flip and jump around on trampolines for an hour. It is so much fun and a great workout too. We suggest Latitude at Greenacres or Bounce Inc at Marleston.



Hot Yoga

You may already know the wonderful benefit yoga can bring to the body, mind and spirit. However for an even more intense yoga experience, you must try Hot Yoga. Generally the room will be heated to approximately 40°C and generally last for 90 minutes. Get ready to sweat, work hard and stretch in ways you never thought possible. We love Bikram Yoga at Adelaide or Modbury.


Join a Team

Remember all the fun you had playing netball, basketball, tennis, softball or soccer during your time at school and the thrill of being part of a team? Just because you are all grown up, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being part of a sporting team. Many local communities have adult sporting clubs available for anyone to join. Head over to your local council website for more information on sporting clubs and teams that you can join.

Aquatic Sport

Swimming is such a great way to move your body. It keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body, helps builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. Adelaide is well equipped with indoor swimming centres so you can keep practicing your ‘breaststroke’ all year round. For our readers living in the North East, the Campbelltown City Council have recently upgraded their Lower North East Road recreation centre with a brand new indoor pool so be sure to check it out.


What ways do you love to move your body? We would love you to share in the comments box below!

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