How To 'Spring' Clean Your Body

August 18, 2016

We just can’t wait until Spring starts and to finally say goodbye to these chilly Winter mornings! So to make sure we are at full health and our bodies are ready to embrace some warmer weather, we are going to ‘Spring’ clean our bodies with some nourishing food.


Don’t get us wrong, the warm soups and hearty stews were super delicious but its time to make a shift as we end the season. So here are our fav ways to ‘Spring’ clean your body!


Get out the blender.


Yep that’s right, it’s time to dust off the blender, start juicing and mixing some green smoothies. The benefits of drinking green smoothies and juices are great for the body as it provides extra nutrients that assist in eliminating toxins.



Shop at your local fruit&veg or farmers market.


We love shopping local. Not only will you be supporting the community, but you are also guaranteed the freshest ingredients available. There is so much truth to ‘you are what you eat’ so why not make sure that you are consuming the best food for your body.


Make sure that you are consuming the best food for your body.

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Drink more water.


Drinking water is pretty much a given and should be done all year round, but if your looking to clear out your body drink as much water as possible. Why not try adding fresh fruits and other flavours to your water to make it a bit more interesting! 




We would love to know how you prepare your body for a new season, so please be sure to comment below.


P.S if you loved this post or know someone who would benefit from reading this, please feel free to share!

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