How to: Stay on track with your health & fitness goals through the holiday season

November 13, 2016

Holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes an abundance of sweet treats, chocolates and super indulgent foods of all kinds to tempt our taste buds! Who doesn’t love the holiday season? Of course it may be nice to treat yourself during the festive period so you’re not the scrooge of the table but it’s also very possible to not go over board and stay on track with your health and fitness goals. With sinful treats everywhere how exactly do you stay on track and keep in those skinny jeans comfortably? We’ll show you how…


Treat Christmas time like any other week of the year


Of course you deserve to let your hair down at Christmas, you’ve worked hard all year and are entitled to have a little too many mince pies and cherry liquor! The key is to treat this time of year like any other. Enjoy the shopping and buying of sinful foods, look but don’t touch. Allocate yourself a cheat day or weekend for example Christmas day and boxing day then continue to follow your healthy eating regime. 


 Holiday food can be healthy


Despite the rich sauces, cakes and copious amounts of alcohol on offer during the holiday season it can be surprisingly healthy and very easy to meal prep. Using all the left over vegetables and turkey, pork beef and even salmon depending on what your Xmas feast contains you can enjoy balanced meals of a lean protein source and a side of vegetables. It's also easy to use the meat to toss into a salad so you are still feasting with family and friends whilst also watching your macros and calories. Use the festive menu as inspiration to cook yourself something healthy from what’s left, open yourself up to new flavours and ingredients.


 It’s ok to politely decline


The holiday season brings out the best in hospitality with family and friends alike wanting us to feel welcome and comfortable. You will be offered everything from a never-ending supply of chocolates to seconds, thirds and fourths of starters, mains and desserts. It is ok to say no. Eat your fill and politely decline. It’s your body and you want to keep it on track. 


Plan ahead and switch up your exercise routines


The thought of hitting the gym or exercising during the holiday season can seem a little daunting to most, especially with a house full of hungry relatives and demanding kids. Plan ahead and select times and days you can commit to giving yourself an hour at the gym or a run round the block. If it's out of the question even with some strategic planning then switch it up and arrange a walk with the family or get out early in the morning before all the hustle and bustle and enjoy a walk, jog or cycle in the fresh air. 


Make yourself accountable


Purchase a little notebook or diary and use this as your holiday food diary. Write down everything you eat and you will soon notice when you need to cut back or if you have encouraged yourself a little too much. Having a visual aid makes you accountable for your actions and it’s all too easy to lose track of how much you consume in the holiday season. Write down every single drink, chocolate, biscuit and Brussels sprout and you’ll soon become your own personal trainer.


The holiday season doesn’t mean you have to lose sight of all your health and fitness goals by any means. You are now equipped to stay well clear of the dreaded holiday bulge and remain tight and toned and well on track with your health and fitness goals! Feel free to print out our checklist to stay on the winning path, tis the season to STAY in shape! 


Do you have any helpful tips you would like to share? Leave a comment below to share your tricks on how you keep on track with your health & fitness goals.

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