5 Habits Of Highly Active Adelaide Ladies

February 26, 2017

Curious about how highly active people stay on track to achieve their optimal heath? We've contacted Adelaide's fittest ladies to tell you all their secrets!



So without hesitation, please let us introduce to you...




Ainsley Fairhead 

~ Ainsley Fairhead Strength and Conditioning:

  1. I try and do at least 3 strength sessions a week in the gym, outdoors or even a body weight home program.

  2. I try add my home made dressing to a meal each day with lime juice, chilli, apple cider vinegar,mint, olive oil and sweet chilli sauce to help spike my metabolism and assist with digestion (it's delicious as well).

  3. Every Monday I write a weekly plan of where I am going to fit in my exercise, business paper work and budget setting to make sure I am on top of everything.

  4. Sundays I love to have a little sleep in, go for a long walk and explore the amazing breakfast spots Adelaide has to offer.

  5. Nothing clears my head better than a beach view and a good book. (At the moment I am reading "the gut" which is an amazing insight to the gut and the brain).

Find more about Ainsley on Facebook & Instagram

Amy Kreminski 

~ Adelaide Yoga:

  1. I practice yoga or pilates every day

  2. I have tea in the morning

  3. I tell my son every morning I love him and thank him for choosing me to be his Mother.

  4. I am grateful for my life and remind myself of this during my down time during the day.

  5. I switch off all electronics including tv, phone, computer at least 30 minutes before I go to bed

Find out more about Amy & Adelaide Yoga by visiting

 Alice Jolly 

~ Crossfit East Adelaide:

  1. Schedule your work out time – put aside the time to make it happen and schedule your work time so you have a plan of what needs to happen during the day – take time planning to minimise the stress of being unprepared

  2. Do Yoga – you will be amazed with what Yoga can do for you on a physical and mental level – breath, calm down, take time out, meditate

  3. Get outside as much as possible – walk, run, bike – anything in the fresh air and sunshine (my go to is cycling in the hills – good for your soul

  4. Get up early – grab the day by the balls so find something you love that keeps you motivated to get up!

  5. Nourish and fuel your body with clean & fresh food and lots of water – eat to support your activity not the other way around (you cannot exercise out a bad diet!)

Learn more about Alice and Crossfit East Adelaide by checking out or by following on Facebook and Instagram

What are some healthy habits that you follow? We would love for you to share them in the comments below:





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