4 Benefits of Using a Salt Scrub & Our Favourite DIY Body Scrub

January 24, 2017

In an effort to get our skin glowing and looking amazing, we can't go past the humble Salt Scrub. Full of skin loving benefits, a salt scrub will have your skin feeling oh-so fresh.


Along with our 4 benefits of using a regular scrubbing routine, we’ve also included the recipe for our easy-peasy DIY body scrub. Our Coco-nutty Salt Scrub will leave you smelling as 'cool as a coconut' fresh... And the best part is that you most likely have all the ingredients to make this amazing scrub in your pantry right now!


4 Benefits of Salt Scrubbing


1. Glowing Skin

The biggest benefit of using salt scrubs is that it will leave your skin with a fresh glow. Sea salt helps to bring out that 'all natural’ glow from your skin.


2. Amazing Exfoliator

Probably the most well know benefit of using a salt scrub is that it is a great way to exfoliate dead skin cells. By removing the dead cells, you are promoting then the growth of new skin cells to regenerate, leaving your skin looking & feeling amazing.


3. Increasing Circulation

Similar to the benefits of regular massages, salt scrubs can help promote the natural flow & circulation of fluids just below the surface of your skin.


4. Promote Relaxation

In additional to all the beauty benefits of using salt scrubs, you can also incorporate it into your spa/bath routine for added relaxation. Try adding essential oils, such lavender to your salt scrub to increase the effects of relaxation.


Coco-nutty Body Salt Scrub



  • 1/2 Cup Sea Salt or Epsom Salts

  • 1/2 Cup Desiccated Coconut

  • 3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil



  • Add salts and coconut into a mixing bowl.

  • In a microwave safe bowl, melt your coconut oil to a liquid consistency.

  • Add the coconut oil to remaining ingredients and mix well to combine.

  • Add the scrub to a jar & secure with a lid. 

Can be used daily, however we recommend a good scrub once a week!



Have a favourite salt scrub recipe? We would love to try it out so feel free to share it below.

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