How to Meal Prep Like a BOSS!

May 1, 2017

Want to know how to meal prep like a BOSS and help take the stress out of organising your meals for the week? We have a list of all our favourite tips and tricks so you never have to say the words “What am I having for lunch tomorrow” ever again. 


Start planning on the weekend

We always start our planning on the weekend. This gives us the time to figure out what meals we will be having for the week, what ingredients we need to buy and gives us plenty of time to get as much prepping done for the week ahead.


Plan for every meal

You know the saying right… Fail to plan. Plan to fail. Knowing exactly what your meals are going to be throughout the week helps you to stay on track. This doesn’t mean there’s no room for enjoyable meals, make sure to schedule in “take-out” nights, pub lunches and restaurant dinners too.


Buy plenty of veggies

Be sure to have the fridge stocked with fresh vegetables. Try keeping lots of green veggies like broccoli, kale, spinach and leafy salads. Not only are they super easy to prepare, they will keep you fuller for longer.


Plan for those cravings

If you know that at hinger strikes at 3pm, make sure you are ready with pre-prepared healthy snacks. Have yogurt & granola or hummus jars pre-made and in ht e fridge ready to go.



Make plenty of big salads

Buy lots and LOTS of fresh mixed greens to make big salads for lunch. We find that salads are the easiest to prepare and keep you fuller for longer than most high carb lunches, like sandwiches for example.


Have plenty of storage containers at the ready

Tupperware, jars and zip lock bags are a “Preppers” best friend. It may be a tad obvious, but we are big fans of storing our food in jars. Not only does it keep our food fresher for longer, it also looks great too.


Make your breakfast the night before

We love our sleep, and the best way to get a couple of extra minutes in the morning is to prep the night before. Make up an jar of overnight oats or have a bag full of frozen smoothie ingredients ready to pop straight into the blender in the morning.


Cook in batches

Instead of just cooking one portion, try making up 2-3 to have as left overs the day after. We suggest using the slow cooker to save time in the kitchen.


Make hard boiled eggs & hummus

Hard boiled eggs are a “preppers” best friend. Boil up 4-6 eggs to last a few days and keep them in fridge. Another healthy snack option is homemade hummus. Perfect to use as a dip with fresh carrots and celery sticks that you can keep in zip lock bags at the ready.


Make big batches of dressings

Instead of prepping up single serves of dressing at a time, it helps to make up larger batches of different flavours to have ready when you need them. Keep the dressings in jars or squeeze-y bottles in the fridge to easily add to your salads.


Plan meals with beans, rice and other whole-grains

Adding beans and grains to your meals is a great way to create healthy-easy prep meals. Using a rice cooker means you can cook up to 4-5 cups in one go.

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